Maryland Vietnamese Mutual Association (MVMA)
Hoi Ai Huu Nguoi Viet Maryland

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Immigrant and Refugee Services Goals and Objectives Highlights of MVMA Activities
Cultural and Social Functions
MVMA contracts with the Maryland Office for New Americans, EUGENE and AGNESE MEYER FOUNDATION to provide support services to immigrants and refugees living in Maryland. The services we provide are:
  Translation and interpretation
  Information and referral
  Individual and group counseling
  Educational and tutorial services
  Green Card and American Citizenship
Services are offered in order to facilitate the refugee assimilation into the mainstream of American society and to assist them in achieving rapid economic self-sufficiency.

Since our establishment in 1982, we have served over 14,000 refugees and immigrants from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Iran, Eastern Europe and Russia

The MARYLAND VIETNAMESE MUTUAL ASSOCIATION (MVMA) is a private, non-profit organization of concerned Vietnamese Americans residing in Maryland. Since our formation in 1982, we have been 
committed to achieve the following objectives:
A) To promote the active participation of Vietnamese Americans in social and civic affairs at all levels.
B) To foster the cultural heritage of Vietnamese Americans.
C) To strive to increase understanding between ethnic groups and the community at large.
D) To secure equal treatment and equal opportunities for refugees and immigrants of all nationalities.
E) To serve as an advocate for the protection of uprooted people in the United States.
F) To mobilize sponsors and volunteers to assist newly arrived refugees and immigrants to adjust to life in America.
Organize and sponsor social events such as Vietnamese New Year celebration, children's festival and sport activities.
  • Organize Indochinese refugee booths at numerous fairs and festival around the Metro area.
  • Organize student and senior citizen groups for field trips to museums, universities and cultural events.
  • Serve as a member of the Refugee Advisory Council of the State of Maryland.
  • Handle emergency requests from voluntary agencies, Maryland public schools, Health department and other organizations to provide cross-cultural counseling in case of spouse abuse, marital and family problems and school behavior.
  • Participate in committees and meetings with county, state and federal officials regarding refugee and immigrant concerns and interest.
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