The NHS Network Project and The Adventure of a Lifetime

Meet Our Director
Marcia E. Rosen
Marcia Rosen, Author, NHS Founder & Program Director
Marcia “Anastasia” Rosen is the founder and program director of the New Horizons Support Network, Inc. as well as a Certified Transactional Analyst and gestalt therapist with close to thirty years of clinical experience. Today she functions primarily as an author, public speaker, trainer, relationship coach, business consultant and healer. More than two decades ago, Ms Rosen was amongst the first clinicians to identify and treat the addict personality. Since that time, her research and development of clinical treatment and healing strategies have taken her more and more into the area of community development with a focus on violence prevention. 

Currently, Ms. Rosen is under contract to Random House/Ballantine Books, Inc. for her first three books, Surviving Addictions, Journey Back To Me and Exploring Your Dark Side: The Adventure Of A Lifetime. Her fourth book, Adventures of An Unpublished Author: A Spiritual Journey (working title) is now in progress. These four books detail in various ways the philosophies that underlie the successful New Horizons Prototype for violence prevention and community development.

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Extended Biography

  Prior to her work in the mental health field, Ms. Rosen was a famous Washington, D.C. business woman. At 26, she founded Executive Services Unlimited (later renamed the U.S. "Male" Service), the world's first reminder and gift shopping service, gaining nationwide and international recognition for her innovative business ideas and marketing schemes. Her clients included many of Washington's elite; individuals in the White House, on Capital Hill and the Democratic National Committee. She made herself so newsworthy, insiders at the Washington Metropolitan Advertising's Club applauded her as "Miss Success."  As a business woman serving powerful people in a powerful city, Ms Rosen got to witness the "Dark Side" in individuals and recognized that her celebrity status in the nation's capital was deeply embroiling her in her own Dark Side manifestations; addictions to status, power and money. From this vantage place, she saw not only the effects of this entity on individuals personally, but also the Dark Side's consequences for society. 

In 1973, after leaving the business world and becoming involved in the consciousness raising movement, Ms Rosen discovered Transactional Analysis (TA) sometimes called the "Psychology of Human Relationships.” TA led  her to what was to become her life’s work, the research and development of a comprehensive theoretical and clinical treatment model for transforming the Dark Side of humanity to a higher order, her work in this area initially growing out of her observations of interpersonal dynamics of the Watergate scandals. 

Soon after leaving the business world, Ms Rosen aligned herself with a TA mentor, Martin G. Groder, M.D., who used TA as his main tool for developing a model therapeutic community for convicts within the federal prison system known for its low recidivism and high success rate. From Groder, Ms Rosen learned that the structure of the "Dark Side" in convicts and the Washington "power elite" could be virtually alike - only the outward social veneers were different. Using TA, developed by Eric Berne, M.D., and Groder's expansion of TA, she devised her own unique and effective strategies that can be easily learned and taught to non-professionals.  These theories are the basis, today, for the community development and violence prevention efforts of New Horizons.

Ms Rosen’s work has brought new hope to countless people. Under the auspices of New Horizons, she has established ongoing, support groups and educational programs throughout the greater Washington, D.C. area as well as initiating the Montgomery County Violence Prevention Coalition and community development and violence prevention programs in Frederick and Washington Counties in Maryland and Jefferson County, West Virginia. These programs function as model "healing communities" where community members learn to implement the strategies of the New Horizons prototype. A retreat center has been also been established in the mountains by Ms Rosen, just above historic Harper's Ferry, to serve as a home base for these programs and gatherings for New Horizons community members as well as the general public. 

Marcia “Anastasia” Rosen dedicates her life to spiritual growth and the emotional, psychological and spiritual healing and health of others. She is available for business and private consultations, speaking engagements and training events. For information, call 240.409.5347


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